When I serve on the admissions board at Harvard seeing client you know applicants who got in who didn’t necessarily have you know meet these three elements and who were incredibly successful okay now I want to just spend a couple of minutes and talk to you guys about the core aspects of going about writing a winning leadership essay it’s very simple they just sort of four steps in this process it’s a self-reflection it’s the outline it’s the actual writing of the essay and there’s a revision and I’m going to go step by step into each of this it’s very important I know that what I’m saying here is not you know something you haven’t trained before yet it’s amazing to me over the years when I talk to applicants who have done this and done it unsuccessfully written on suspect on successful essays and applications and are now having to reapply when we’ve probed about the experience in terms of the writing process we often find out that many of them skipped an aspect in this of this process okay.

So I want to start by highlighting the importance of each of these aspects okay and don’t I know it can be tempting you know time can be a factor and you’re sort of you know pressure to to rush your application to rush through your essays I really encourage you to not miss any step in this four-step process okay when it comes to the self-reflection once you guys to think about when have you led okay again not necessarily by selection or you sort of like you know perhaps to go and do this but when have you stepped up right and led something when have you created something when have you initiated something persuaded fix solve you know all of these things if anything I want you to imagine a scenario where you are mind mapping this whole process and you’re trying to figure out like you know how do you sort of like start the brainstorming process well an easy way to do that is get a blank sheet of paper and just mindmap it like in your personal life academic life professional life.

You can even say Community Life for example personal life could be your family your friend you know how have you enabled through this sort of created initiated persuaded those kind of things and then you do it in your academic life when have you done the things your professional life and then in your community service life right and then based on the examples that you begin to kind of pull out you begin to like have a clearer sense at least a full picture before you even start writing sometimes what people do our applicants I’ve seen this mistake because they’re so tempted to get to getting started but they just like latch on to one story or like this must be a great one I think this is a really good one they start writing and then weeks later they realize um I’m not making progress I’m hitting a dead end or something is really missing and then they have to sort of go back to the drawing board so really one and they’ve lost a lot of time right and it creates a lot of frustration and anxiety and stress.

Mind Mapping The Process

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