If you’re actually to try to organize literature you sort of in an outline fashion you know you’re asking in this session what are different answer to your research question first of all include any information you think is necessary to understand this I would argue that you want to be succinct I have had people before and some of my international business classes they’re doing some paper on China and they’re expounding upon the Ming Dynasty or something like that right and it’s just it’s ridiculous okay so be succinct be on point you know you don’t need to explain absolutely everything but try to be pretty focused about it and then like I said you provide different answers to that research question you know like say what causes social loafing what’s the first answer and what’s good about that answer what’s bad or right or wrong about that answer right. Learn the best ways to organize literature at Edusson.

What’s the next hypothesis or the next potential answer what’s right or wrong with that right what’s yours how does that fit in with those questions why is your approach or your way of going about this a better way of going about this okay so these are the kinds of things that you want to think about anyway as you’re putting together your literature review in terms of its organization follow alright evidence this section should be a really large part of your paper this is where you’re actually trying to gather the data get the stuff you know the stories the case studies the information all of the stuff that is going to support whatever argument it is that you’re trying to make you’re trying to present as evidence you want to support your thesis statement so you want to try to prove why your argument is valid for why it works in the real world you know your literature review it’s a little bit more lalala right you’re just like saying okay these scholars say this and these theories say this and that’s fine everything right.

Here’s the information but in this part you’re saying we know it’s true and here’s why because it happened in real life here or these statistics say so right here okay it’s this as much in black and white as we can come up with and that’s the evidence that’s the stuff that you’re coming up okay so what kind of evidence supports your thesis the kind of thing that I might encourage you to look for or statistics and case types where can you get statistics you know there’s great sources of data that government agencies and academic units and universities you can get it sometimes through articles in raw form we talked about peer-reviewed journals you can look through some of those sometimes they have raw data as well where do you get case studies one place is peer-reviewed journal articles is one place to look for it another one is just so many other sources quite honestly you can look in your text book you can look in history books peer review journal articles news sources you can go to that that search engine that I should go would be that academic source premier there’s a little drop-down menu that says narrow to case studies.

Research Literature Organization

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