Complications of Dog Ear Infections

Dog ear infections can lead to a more complex health concern if not treated right away.  Like humans, dogs require medical attention too.  And as its owner, you should provide everything that it needs to sustain life.  In other words, your dog should receive proper care especially if it is sick.

On the surface, ear infection in dogs seems to be a minor problem.  But if left untreated, this condition may turn into something that’s very hard to reverse.  A simple ear infection may lead to sarcoma.  Sarcoma is a form of tumor forming on the ear canal that requires surgery to remove.  Other types of tumor may also develop, such as hemangiosarcoma and malignant melanoma.

Another very common complication of ear infection in dogs is deafness.  Some dogs start with a minor case of infection on their ears.  But because of the negligence of their owners, the dog’s poor hygiene, and unhealthy environments, the dog’s inner ear is damaged.  Now when that happens, deafness occurs.  Most dogs with hearing problems have suffered from ear infection at one point in their life.  This is one complication of ear infection that is very hard to reverse.

When dogs suffer from acute cases of ear infection, ulceration of the cartilages of the ears is apparent.  This condition isn’t common to dogs, unless they are involved in a fight.  There could be lacerations in the conchal cartilages of the ear.  This condition could also be the cause why dog deafness due to ear infections occurs.

In more rare cases, bacterial meningitis may develop in your pets.  This occurs when bacteria finds an ascending path from the ear of the dog towards the brainstem region.  Bacterial meningitis is characterized by the formation of abscess in the brain area.  This condition is very hard to treat.

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