Dog Ear Infection Treatments

When your dog is suffering from ear infection, it is important that the proper course of treatment is provided to it right away.  This is essential so that the dog won’t have to go through the discomforts associated with the disease.  Immediate treatment is also necessary so that the condition will not turn to worse.

Veterinarians would diagnose the ear problem of your to be sure that it is nothing else but a bad case of infection.  At the same time, the vet would try to discover what had actually caused the disease so that the right course of treatment will be carried out.

At home, you can help your pet ease the infection by cleaning the problem areas.  Use a cotton swab, and not Q-tips, for this procedure.  Q-tips can hurt your dog’s ear with a sudden abrupt movement.  So to be safe, use plain cotton balls rolled to a length to clean the ears of your dog.  Regular cleaning of the infected area is necessary to prevent ear wax build-up, which in turn, could compound the problem.

After the vet has checked your dog, he should prescribe some antibiotics to help clear out the infection.  Depending upon the extent of the disease, anti-microbial ear drops should be sufficient.  Otherwise, oral medications may have to be added to the water or food of your dog.  The vet should be able to give you good advices on how to make your dog take its medicines.

It is very much recommended that you make regular visits to the vet for as long as the infection is still there.  This would allow the vet to properly monitor the disease and adjust the medications as necessary.  While it is quite okay to perform home medications on your pet as per the vet’s advice, it isn’t right to miss a consultation session, especially if the vet required you to come back.

Proper hygiene is very important to pets.  Through it, all types of body infections can be prevented.  However, in the case of ear infection, the problem could be triggered with something as simple as a few drops of water being trapped in your dog’s ears.  So after your dog’s bath, make sure that its ears are perfectly dry.  Be careful when bathing your dog too.  Under no circumstance that you should wet the insides of the dog’s ear.

For ear infections caused by tumors, surgery is the usual treatment procedure.  Such procedure will take place in the veterinarian’s clinic.  And depending upon the vet who will perform the surgery, you dog might need to stay there for a day or two during the entire course of treatment.  For milder cases, a two-hour surgery may be sufficient.

If foreign objects had penetrated the ears of your pet, it might be necessary to flush it out.  Again, a veterinarian should help you out with this.  Don’t attempt this treatment procedure at home because it could be very dangerous to the inexperienced.

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